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Bishop Anthony J Scuderi Detail

995 Coleman Ranch Way Sacramento, CA 95831 US
Denomination   Catholic
Sub-Denomination   Old Catholic Church (within the Order of Antioch)
Updated Date:   September 24, 2013
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  Old Catholic Church with a focus on community needs and diversity in liturgy and needs. Bishop Tony offers Addictions Counseling at reasonable rates, and is looking for members to join the church regardless of denomination or reasons for leaving your church. If you have a desire to worship God with structure but liberally and with input contact The Mst. Rev. Dr. Bishop Tony Scuderi at  
Counselor Leaders
  Bishop Tony is married to Heather Hall. He is a Catholic Bishop in the tradition of the Old Catholic Church, but also does contemporary liturgies. Bishop Tony is a licensed addictions counselor and instructor with the University of California, Berkeley Extension. He offers community workshops and lectures in diverse topics in Psychology, Addictions, Criminal Justice, and Spirituality. He is open to house liturgies in your home, Bible study, weddings, funerals and other life transition celebrations. He is looking to form a stable congregation with a preference in interdenominational Christian Beliefs. He is looking for volunteers to assist in building the Body of Christ. He can be contacted at