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Crossroads Pastoral Counseling Detail


7002 Graham Road, Suite 204 Indianapolis, IN 46220 US Image

Last Updated By: Benton Ruth

Updated Date: 2010-04-21 15:42:54

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Our Guiding Philosophy:
\"What competent counseling produces, and all that Psychology aspires to achieve is precisely what the Bible teaches\" --Dr. R. Benton Ruth (from \"GOD\'S REALITY, Man\'s Response\")
CrossRoads provides a seamless fabric of Pastoral Counseling insights integrated with proven Psychological application and respect for differing theological persuasions.

CrossRoads specializes in non-insurance clients.
Fees are ususally 50% less than other community services.
Our counselors relate to the emotional, psychological and Spiritual health and growth of our clients.
Our staff is composed of mature Christians who are also seasoned counselors.

Areas of Specialization: (partial list of services)

1. Individual, marriage and family counseling
2. Pre-marital Counseling (Developing a Marriage Contract)
3. Group Therapy
4. Career Consulting & Advising
5. Understanding and Recovering from Affairs (Re-establishing Trust)
6. Divorce Recovery (Healing Pains of Loss and Rejection)
7. Co-Dependency & Individuation (Being your own Person with Healthy Boundaries)
8. Addictions (Spending/Relationship/Sexual)
9. Anger & Conflict Management
10. Spiritual Growth & Development

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