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Lee J. Langley, M.s., Lmft Detail


28494 Westinghouse Place Suite 214 Valencia, CA 91355 US Image

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Updated Date: 2013-01-26 19:09:28

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I provide counseling from a Christian perspective for couples, individuals, and families. Many of the couples who come to me are tryng to recapture the feelings they had at first and are surprised at how badly they actually treat each other. Biblical principles centering on Love and Respect are almost always effective in helping couples get their marriage back on track in a short period of time. Most couples who come in for counseling have lost focus on what Scripture tells us regarding how a husband and wife should relate to each other. The wives are often feeling very unloved and in response, they treat their husbands with disrespect. The husbands, feeling this disrespect, often distance themselves or become harsh with their wives, which only intensifies the negativity. This damaging style of relating is clearly explained in the book I usually utilize in session (LOVE AND RESPECT by Emerson Eggerichs). The "Crazy Cycle" as he calls it, is at the heart of virutally all marriage relationship difficulties. After over twenty years of working with couples who love each other, but struggle to find peace and romance, I've concluded that Dr. Eggerichs is right and I've seen amazing results in therapy when couples come to understand and master the Crazy Cycle. I also provide guidance when it comes to parenting issues, as kids who aren't behaving well can add stress to an already difficult relationship. Surprisingly, many of my Christian couples are dealing with blended family issues and that can be very tricky indeed. There are definitely better methods available to navigate these often treacherous waters that can bring much more harmony to the home. Please visit my website for more information at:

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