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5069 OAK TOURS DRIVE Edgewood, FL 32839 US

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Dr. Thomas R. Steele is a Certified Pastoral Counselor who has 10 years experience in family
counseling specializing in childhood behavior and temperament analysis. All counseling is based
on the Word of God, the Bible, which has all the answers to every problem known to man since
God, the Creator of all mankind, knows how we work better than anyone. The purpose of Biblical
Pastoral Counseling is to utilize years of intense study in God's Word and connect the individual
or family with those answers contained within it. He is a privately licensed practitioner with
memberships to the National Christian Counselors Association and The American Association of
Christian Counselors. In addition to the above areas, he is able to conduct intervention counseling.
Please call Dr. Steele for an appointment.

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