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Christian Counselors in Fairfield

1500 OLIVER ROAD, CA 94534-7863 US

Our counseling methods are designed to enlighten, provoke thought, and encourage healthy
alternative productive ways to live and resolve conflict. When you commence to care and
commit to a healthier approach, you can move towards acquiring skills to resolve conflict
and manage your anger, love, hatred, desire, joy, sadness, shame and admiration, which are
all emotions that can be properly addressed. There are far too many band-aid methods that
merely result in a temporary surface "quick fix". Embracing wise principles, learning to be
honest, transparent, and choosing to abandon dysfunctional behavior modes will result in a
liberating repentance. Once enlightened you will experience inner peace and newly acquired
patience resulting in healthy confidence that is most benefical when going through and living
beyond any given circumstance.

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1125 MISSOURI STREET # 202, CA 94533 US

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