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Christian Counselors in Fort Collins

4115 Boardwalk Drive, Suite 200 , CO 80525 US

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We believe Jesus Christ is the most powerful resource for healing and change for you,
your marriage, and your family. Wherever you are at personally, God's power to change
your life is within reach. Even when matters of faith are not your primary focus, working
with a counselor whose practice is guided by biblical principles will assure you that timeless
moral values are being honored.

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2629 REDWING RD. SUITE 316, CO 80526 US

Individual, couple and family counseling from a Christian perspective.

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1218 HAWKEYE COURT, CO 80525-8831 US

Parenting coaching available nationwide

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4737 South College Ave., CO 80525 US

We offer services that are Christ-centered and Biblically-based.
Marriage preparation courses are offered as well as counseling for marriage and family issues. Dr. Lance and Alison Lammot are both certified as trauma resolution counselors.
We also offer training for laypeople desiring to become Christ-centered counselors.

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921 East Prospect Road, CO 80525 US

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Professional Clinicians are available to help facilitate the healing of all those who are
wounded and hurting. Whether it is a struggle in a relationship, recovery from addictions,
past or current traumas, or being able to face a day with joy and hope, we are here to
help guide the process. Specific techniques vary by clinician, and include experiential
as well as traditional methods. Training space is available as well as facilitators for
groups, team-building, classes, etc. Serving the Front Range communities of Colorado.
See Isaiah 40:29-31.

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