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Christian Counselors in Fort Myers

6237 Presidential Court #110, FL 33919 US

Jama Thurman, LMHC graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary. She offers Christian counseling to teens and adults with stress, anxiety and career/school issues.

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Professional Christian Counseling
All of us, from time to time, face challenges that threaten our security and exhaust our emotional and
spiritual strength. It is not God's design that we struggle through these difficult times alone ; help is
* Marriage Counseling
* Pre-marriage Preparation
* Family Counseling
* Parenting Training
* Personal Issues
* Emotional Distress
Counseling is done from a biblical perspective consistent with a Christian world view. Counseling will
involve an exploration of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations that affect choices and behavior.
The goal of Christian counseling is to help you grow toward maturity in Christ by giving you the
opportunity to work through personal issues and relational problems that could hinder that growth.

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8359 Beacon Blvd. Suite 200, FL 33907 US

We serve church members and non-church members and people from all walks of life come to us. We do not force anything upon anyone but we do counsel from a Christian viewpoint and from Bible truths.

At Genesis counseling we apply accredited psychological methods used within the fields of mental health professionals, and we add the insights of the Word of God to help people deal with the issues of life.

Our trained and committed counselors do not sit in judgment or take sides with those who come to Genesis. They are dedicated Christian people who care about the well being of each person who calls upon us for help. This includes the mental, emotional and spiritual well being of all.

Many who come to us have no religious or church background. They have found a caring and comfortable atmosphere where they can honestly and openly address their personal issues. Confidentiality is a priority with us at Genesis.

Christians have found a place of encouragement, reassurance and direction as they come to us. Young, old, single or married, we are ready to assist you in facing the difficult issues life brings.

Let us help you live a full and happy life!

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Marriage and Family Therapist, FL 33966 US

Mike is a Christian Marriage and Family Therapist married for 24 years. He has for children 22,20,17 and 14. He sees individual and couples. His specialty is parenting

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Riverside Counseling Center is a ministry of Riverside Church providing counseling for children,
adolescents, individuals, couples, and families. Our licensed therapists deal with a variety of issues
including anxiety, depression, anger, grief, codependency, addictions, sexual abuse, premarital and
marital counseling, behavioral and school concerns, posttraumatic stress, conduct disorders,
aggression, and impulsiveness. The counseling center also offers support groups and enrichment
classes in their Monday night Discovery Program. The professional counseling staff consists of six
therapists, including a Registered Play Therapist specializing in working with children and
adolescents. Our therapists are ready to assist you in finding hope, healing, and peace.

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2282 1ST STREET, FL 33901 US

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