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Pastor Art Ellingsen - Gainesville, Florida

To contact Pastor Art see the link:

Pastor Art Ellingsen became an Assemblies of God Pastor in 1974. In 1988, Pastor Art resigned from the A/G. Since then, Pastor Art simply refers to himself as a Non-Denominaitonal, Bible-believing, Christian Pastor.

Pastor Art is semi-retired and moved to Gainesville, Florida in 2008.

When Pastor Art is in Gainesville, he usually attends First Assembly of God’s early worship service and the 11 am service at the Church of God located on 39th Avenue.

Pastor Art can’t decide which he likes better so he compromises and attend both. ( And he likes the preaching at both places! )

When Pastor Art is in Illinois, he usually attends Harvest Bible Chapel of Rolling Meadows or Lake Zurich. And on occation, Pastor Art attends Northwest Assembly of God in Mount Prospect.

Pastor Art read, Competent to Counsel, by Jay E. Adams in 1975 while serving as Founding Pastor of First Assembly of God in Streator, Illinois and likes the idea of Biblical Counseling better than using secular shrinkology.

Subsequent to that Pastor Art attended lots of training seminars taught by a NANC Certified Biblical Counseling Training Center. During that training Pastor Art probably every other book Jay E. Adams has written.

And Pastor Art has attended conferences held by NANC and by IABC,

Pastor Art has been Certified as a Biblical Counselor by Jesus, but not by any counseling organization on earth.

Pastor Art was a charter member of the Illinois Fellowship of Biblical Counselors and the American Association of Biblical Counselors.

Pastor Art just started up a new blog here:

If you want to know how the Bible relates to your situation and how you can relate to God through Jesus Christ, ask!

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1315 NW 6th ST, FL 32601 US

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