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Christian Counselors in Oviedo

2461 W SR 426 Suite 1051, FL 32765 US

An Orlando Family Counseling Center Committed to Wholeness and Healing
At Twelve Stones, we believe that life is a journey. Sometimes it is a glorious journey. Other times, the pain and difficulty can overwhelm us. Thoughts such as "My life is a mess," or "There's no hope" fill our heads. Occasionally we all need some help.

The Twelve Stones counselors understand what this can be like. We've been there too. And we want to offer you the same hope that has been offered to us. Not because we have all the answers to life's problems. Not because we can tell you how to live a pain free life. But our - still unfinished - journeys have taught us to hope. Our desire is to walk with you on your journey... to offer you a safe place to be authentic, a listening ear, and a fresh perspective.

Twelve Stones offers counseling services in Orlando: family counseling, individual counseling (children, adolescents, and adults), couples counseling, play therapy, and group counseling related to:

Abuse Recovery
Anger and Rage
Anxiety and Fear
Career and Job Issues
Child Behavioral Issues
Family Counseling
Food Issues
Gender Issues
Grief and Loss
Marital and Premarital
Relationship Issues
For more information on our Orlando counseling services, call 407-353-3218.

Individual counseling
Individual counseling (available for teens and adults) is a one on one setting where you will be able to express ideas, feelings, thoughts, and concerns. You can ask questions, complain, and think out loud. Your counselor will seek to get to know you on a heart level, and provide you with a safe environment to work through your struggles at your own pace.

Play therapy
For children ages 4 and up, Twelve Stones offers play therapy where the child's natural means of expression, namely play, is used as a method to help with emotional stress or trauma. For more information on play therapy, see Play Therapy FAQ, and Preparing your child for play therapy.

Couples counseling
We offer a safe environment for every couple which fosters relational attachment leading to mutual satisfaction and fulfillment. We help you with communication skills, deeper understanding of one another, conflict resolution, and development of emotional intimacy. We also help to identify and resolve underlying individual issues which impact the dynamics of the couple relationship.

Family counseling
Our family counseling addresses the family as a whole, discovering the ways in which a family's relational dynamics have affected each member of the family.

Group counseling
Twelve Stones offers a variety of groups throughout the year on a rotating basis. The group topics range from an emphasis on women's issues, men's issues, divorce recovery, spirituality, co-dependence, and parenting.

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