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Christian Counselors in San Pedro

1350 W. 25th St., CA 90732 US

People do not seek help until they have run out of answers. Something has to change.

Pastoral psychotherapy is literally the work of “changing the soul.” Our clinical skills always serve the belief that God will be with people in the process of change, and there will be new answers to life’s problems that are not yet known. With this difference from ordinary psychotherapy, you can be confident in your referrals to our care. Hope and healing are possible, even when you have given up.

Marital and Family Therapy brings new options for whole families seeking answers to questions they do not even know how to ask.

Our staff members are skilled in providing workshops and adult education for clergy, clinical professionals, and the general public in settings such as congregations, courts, and conference centers.The major topics of our presentations include:

* Roles of religious professionals
* The theology of health care
* The definitions of healing and therapy
* Professional ethics
* Stages of faith development
* Parenting and family values
* Child/adolescent development
* Gender and person relationships
* Legal issues affecting caregivers
* Dynamics of abuse and survival
* Grief, loss, and the life cycle
* Conflict resolution in churches
* Endings and beginnings

We address these and other current clinical issues of concern in talks, print media, radio, television, and other valid public forums. We believe that all the things we do to bring good news to people are vital parts of our work as a caring agent in your community.

Satellite offices in Long Beach & Redondo Beach.

We serve the South Bay, the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and Greater Long Beach

Every effort is made to make our services readily available to you, and there are satellite offices throughout this area. Full standard clinical fees are charged for all services. As a charitable ministry of counseling care, we are also committed to turn no one away who can use our services but is unable to pay. If needed, you may request a grant of fee assistance.

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