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Christian Counselors in Santa Clarita

26889 Bouquet Canyon Road, Ste C, CA 91350 US

I am a psychotherapist with a specialty in the integration of psychology and Christian theology. I have earned an APA approved doctorate degree in clinical psychology and I am broadly trained to treat most difficulties that my patients present to me. I work well with those who suffer from anxiety and fear, depression and other mood disorders, marital difficulties, sexual dysfunction , adjustment disorders, personality disorders and those who seem stuck in repetitive patterns of destructive behavior. I also have a graduate degree in theology. The integration of psychology and theology allows me to deeply listen to the profound and often nuanced communications of my patients. This integration also enables me to work well with people of faith whose problems may bear upon their religious beliefs. While my Christian world view and my family-oriented values do inform my work, I strive to prevent them from intruding into the therapy in any way that may be unwelcome to my patients. I welcome people of diverse persuasions into my practice. Please go to my website at where you can read informative articles about my approach to psychoanalytic work and its integration with a Christian world view. There you can also initiate contact with me for purposes of arranging an initial consultation. If you are suffering with emotional pain or dysfunction, please know that you do not have to go it alone.

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28494 Westinghouse Place Suite 214, CA 91355 US

I provide counseling from a Christian perspective to couples, individuals, and families. My goal is to utilize biblical principles to help clients overcome marital struggles, communication and blended family issues, and improve parenting skills. My specialty is working with couples to help them rediscover the love and harmony they had at first. Most couples who come in for marriage counseling have lost focus on what Scripture tells us about how and husband and wife are supposed to relate to one another. Typically, the wife becomes disrespectful toward the husband when she feels her needs are not met. This disrespect causes the husband to distance himself or become harsh with his wife. The wife's usual response to his pulling away is to be even more disrespectful and the two become caught up in a negative feedback loop from which they can't seem to escape. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs calls ths the "Crazy Cycle" (in his book, LOVE AND RESPECT) and it truly seems that this crazy cycle is indeed at the heart of most of the "issues" that bring couples in for counseling. The good news is that there is a way out that is clearly spelled out in Scripture and implementing these principles almost always produces positive results relatively quickly. I also work with individuals suffering from anxiety and depression. Please visit my website for additional information at:

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26889 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Ste. C,, CA 91350 US

I am a Licensed Psychologist (PSY 14007) and a Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Counselor (MFC 14374). I am also endorsed as a Pastoral Counselor by my denomination, the American Baptist Churches, USA.

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26889 Bouquet Canyon Road, Suite C, CA 91350 US

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24107 Del Monte Dr., CA 91355 US

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