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Christian Counselors in Seal Beach

500 Pacific Coast Hwy, CA US

CHAINS…We all have them. Low self-esteem, anxiety, anger, depression, loneliness, addictions, grief, loss, trauma, lack of motivation, rejection, abandonment, and abuse. The list goes on but the negative patterns, choices, and feelings do not have to. These chains keep us confined and restrained from living out healthy, productive, and purposeful lives. Often we need to allow the negative messages attached to our pain to be broken…set free. The pain is real but the messages attached are not. Rachel is a licensed Marriage and Family Christian Therapist, who specializes in working with children, teens, families, and in grief/loss healing. She speaks at schools all over the county (partnering with the Superior Court of Orange County) helping teens on their journey of healing and finding purpose in their lives.

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