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Christian Counselors in Wheat Ridge

9605 WEST 49TH AVENUE SUITE 100, CO 80033 US

My approach to therapy is interpersonal, caring, and direct.
I focus on helping people obtain relief from emotional distress through a transformational
counseling process. This process helps them cultivate a better understanding of who they are.
It also creates an increased capacity to successfully deal with the life events that
confront them from season to season.

In my work with people, I see them come to a greater awareness and understanding of
their feelings, thoughts and intentions. As they begin to understand how they carry out
their lives, the potential for transformation and growth emerge. Developing new outlooks
and actions in life can lead to greater connectedness with others, fewer feelings of alienation,
and increased capacities for joy.

Everything that is alive is meant to be growing. My desire is to be a part of the growth
process in every person I am fortunate enough to work with.
I am available for:
Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Phone Counseling
Service options include:
Intensive Therapy
Coaching Oriented Therapy
Maintenance Therapy
Parental Training
Conflict Mediation

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