Churches by Denomination

Advent Christian (9)African Methodist Episcopal (5,610)Anglican (446)Apostolic (3,466)Assemblies of God (7,511)Baptist (76,693)Baptist (Free Will) (3)Baptist Missionary Association of America (338)Berean (1)Bible (4,096)Brethren (5,656)Brethren in Christ (6)Calvary Chapel (827)Calvinist (101)Catholic (25,684)Charismatic (1,207)Charismatic Episcopal (18)Christian (9,168)Christian and Missionary Alliance (1,122)Christian Fellowship (1)Christian Reformed Church (14)Christian Schools (192)Christian Science (1,175)Church of Christ (11,867)Church of Christ in Christian Union (2)Church of God (11,700)Church of God and Prophecy (5)Church of God by Faith (20)Church of God in Christ (1,902)Church of God of Prophecy (486)Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (2,472)Church of the Nazarene (5,988)Community (6,033)Community of Christ (10)Congregational (1,884)Disciples Of Christ (514)Episcopal (8,393)Evangelical (6,628)Evangelical Covenant (20)Evangelical Free (5)Evangelical Free Church (20)Evangelical Methodist (10)Evangelical Presbyterian (6)Federated (24)Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (475)Foursquare (2,612)Foursquare Gospel (1,066)Free Methodist (36)Full Gospel (1,721)Holiness (1,013)Independent Baptist (12)Independent Bible (195)Independent Catholic (1)Independent Christian (6)Interdenominational (652)Jehovah's Witnesses (1)Lutheran (17,558)Mennonite (930)Messianic Judaism (186)Methodist (26,174)Metropolitan Community Churches (2)Missionary (1,479)Moravian (106)No Denomination (11)Non-Denominational (37,385)Old Catholic Orthodox Church (6)Open Bible Standard Churches (6)Orthodox (1,441)Orthodox Presbyterian (5)Orthodox Presbyterian Church (8)Other (4)Other Christian Services (1,522)Pentecostal (6,110)Pentecostal Church of God (14)Pentecostal Holiness (3)Presbyterian (10,971)Quaker (655)Reformed Church in America (906)Reformed Episcopal (7)Reformed Presbyterian (15)Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (142)Salvation Army (705)Seventh Day Adventist (5,917)Spiritual Native American (1)Unitarian (96)Unitarian Universalist (1)United Church of Christ (5,543)United Methodist (17,157)Unity (634)Unknown Denomination (863)Vineyard (625)Wesleyan (1,444)Word of Faith (24)_NOT ENOUGH INFO (24)

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