Churches by Denomination

ACKLEY (1)Adel (1)AINSWORTH (1)Albert City (2)Algona (2)ALLERTON (1)Altoona (1)Ames (5)Ankeny (2)APLINGTON (1)ARMSTRONG (1)Arthur (1)ATKINS (1)Atlantic (1)Audubon (1)Aurora (1)AVOCA (1)BARNUM (1)BEDFORD (1)Belmond (1)BETTENDORF (1)BONAPARTE (1)Boone (2)BRIGHTON (1)Britt (1)BRONSON (1)Burlington (1)CARLISLE (1)Cedar Falls (3)CEDAR RAPIDS (1)CENTER JUNCTION (1)Centerville (1)Charles City (1)CHEROKEE (1)Clear Lake (1)Clinton (1)CLIVE (1)COLUMBUS CITY (1)Council Bluffs (3)CRAWFORDSVILLE (1)CRESTON (1)DAKOTA CITY (1)Davenport (2)DEEP RIVER (1)DENMARK (1)Des Moines (9)DIAGONAL (1)Dubuque (1)Eagle Grove (1)Earlham (2)Elkader (1)Essex (2)Evansdale (1)FARMINGTON (1)Fort Dodge (2)Garner (2)GEORGE (1)GIBSON (1)GRAND JUNCTION (1)GREENFIELD (1)GRIMES (1)Harcourt (1)HARTFORD (1)HAWARDEN (1)HAZLETON (1)Hinton (1)HOPKINTON (1)HUMESTON (1)Huxley (1)IDA GROVE (1)Independence (1)Indianola (3)Iowa City (2)Iowa Falls (2)JESUP (1)Johnston (1)Keokuk (1)KESLEY (1)LAKE PARK (1)LAKE VIEW (1)Laurel (1)LAWTON (1)LE MARS (1)LIME SPRINGS (1)LINCOLN (1)LITTLE ROCK (1)LONE ROCK (1)LUCAS (1)LYTTON (1)Madrid (1)MALCOM (1)MANCHESTER (1)Manson (1)Marion (1)Marshalltown (1)Mason City (2)MECHANICSVILLE (1)Meriden (2)MONONA (1)MONROE (1)MONTEZUMA (1)MORNING SUN (1)MOUNT AYR (1)MOUNT VERNON (1)Moville (1)NEW ALBIN (1)NEW SHARON (1)Oelwein (1)Onawa (1)Oskaloosa (1)OTTUMWA (1)PATON (1)Pella (2)Polk City (1)POSTVILLE (1)Radcliffe (1)RANDOLPH (1)RED OAK (1)REINBECK (2)ROCKWELL CITY (1)ROLFE (1)RUDD (1)SANBORN (1)SHARPSBURG (1)Sioux City (3)Spirit Lake (1)SPRINGVILLE (1)Stanton (1)STANWOOD (1)STATE CENTER (1)Storm Lake (1)Story City (1)Sumner (1)TINGLEY (1)URBANDALE (1)WADENA (1)WATERLOO (6)Wesley (1)West Des Moines (1)WEST UNION (1)WILTON (2)WINTERSET (1)WOODBINE (1)

Evangelical churches come from a "Harvest-focused, Holiness-fueled" mentality with a commitment to establish healthy churches that proclaim the Gospel of free and full salvation from all sin for all people. When attending an Evangelical church, you will probably notice a great emphasis on fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations. Episcopal church values include: engaging the harvest, providing a healthy church family, discipling believers to experience the cleansing and empowering of the Holy Spirit, and making disciples of all people. Thanks for using - the ultimate church finder!

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