Churches by Denomination

Adams (1)Ainsworth (1)Albion (1)Allen (1)Alliance (2)Alma (1)Amherst (1)Arapahoe (1)Arlington (1)Arnold (1)Ashby (1)Ashland (1)Atkinson (2)Auburn (5)Aurora (3)Avoca (1)Axtell (2)Bancroft (2)Bartlett (1)Bassett (1)Battle Creek (1)Bayard (1)Beatrice (8)Belgrade (1)Bellevue (4)Benedict (1)Benkelman (1)Bennington (1)Bertrand (2)Big Springs (1)Blair (4)Bloomfield (2)Blue Hill (3)Brewster (1)Bridgeport (1)Bristow (1)Broadwater (1)Broken Bow (2)Brule (1)Bruning (1)Burr (1)Burwell (1)Byron (1)Cairo (1)Callaway (1)Cambridge (2)Carleton (1)Cedar Bluffs (1)Central City (2)Ceresco (1)Chadron (4)Chambers (1)Chappell (2)Chester (1)Clay Center (1)Clearwater (1)Coleridge (1)Columbus (7)Concord (1)Cook (1)Cordova (1)Cozad (2)Creighton (2)Creston (1)Crete (4)Crookston (1)Culbertson (1)Curtis (1)Dakota City (1)Dalton (1)Dannebrog (1)Davenport (2)David City (1)De Witt (2)Decatur (1)Deshler (3)Diller (1)Dixon (1)Dodge (1)Doniphan (1)Eagle (1)Elgin (1)Elkhorn (2)Elwood (1)Emerson (1)Eustis (1)Fairbury (3)Falls City (3)Filley (1)Foster (2)Franklin (3)Fremont (10)Fullerton (1)Funk (1)Garland (1)Geneva (1)Gering (2)Glenvil (2)Goehner (1)Gordon (1)Gothenburg (3)Grand Island (11)Grant (2)Gresham (1)Gretna (2)Gurley (2)Hadar (1)Haigler (1)Hampton (1)Hardy (1)Hartington (1)Hastings (8)Hay Springs (1)Hazard (1)Hebron (4)Hershey (1)Hildreth (1)Holdrege (2)Holstein (1)Homer (1)Hooper (7)Hordville (1)Howells (1)Hubbard (1)Humboldt (2)Imperial (2)Ithaca (1)Jansen (1)Johnson (2)Juniata (2)Kearney (7)Kenesaw (1)Kennard (1)Kimball (2)Laurel (2)Leigh (1)Lexington (3)Lincoln (21)Lodgepole (2)Louisville (2)Loup City (1)Lyons (2)Madison (2)Malcolm (1)Malmo (1)Marquette (1)Maskell (1)Mc Cook (4)Mead (1)Meadow Grove (1)Merna (1)Milford (1)Minden (3)Morrill (1)Murdock (1)Naper (1)Nebraska City (2)Neligh (1)Newman Grove (3)Nickerson (1)Niobrara (1)Norfolk (9)North Bend (1)North Platte (5)O Neill (1)Odell (1)Ogallala (4)Ohiowa (1)Omaha (40)Orchard (1)Ord (2)Osceola (1)Oshkosh (1)Osmond (1)Otoe (1)Oxford (1)Palisade (1)Palmer (1)Papillion (3)Pawnee City (2)Pender (4)Pickrell (2)Pierce (3)Pilger (2)Platte Center (2)Plattsmouth (2)Pleasant Dale (1)Pleasanton (1)Plymouth (2)Polk (2)Ponca (2)Potter (2)Ralston (1)Randolph (1)Ravenna (1)Red Cloud (1)Rising City (2)Rosalie (1)Rushville (2)Ruskin (2)Schuyler (3)Scotia (1)Scottsbluff (5)Scribner (2)Seward (6)Shelton (2)Sidney (3)Smithfield (1)Snyder (1)South Sioux City (2)Spencer (2)Springfield (2)Springview (1)St Edward (3)St Libory (1)St Paul (1)Stamford (1)Stanton (3)Staplehurst (1)Sterling (2)Stromsburg (2)Superior (2)Sutherland (1)Sutton (2)Syracuse (1)Talmage (1)Tecumseh (1)Tekamah (1)Thedford (1)Tilden (2)Tobias (1)Uehling (2)Utica (1)Valentine (4)Valley (3)Verdigre (2)Verdon (1)Waco (1)Wahoo (2)Wakefield (4)Walthill (1)Walton (2)Wauneta (2)Wausa (1)Waverly (1)Wayne (3)Weeping Water (1)West Point (3)Wilber (1)Wilcox (1)Winside (2)Wisner (2)Wood River (2)Wymore (3)York (3)Yutan (1)

Lutheran churches have grown from the teachings of Martin Luther, whose efforts were to reform the practices and theology of the Roman Catholic church. Lutherans confess the faith of the apostolic Christian Church as it is taught in the three EcumenicalCreeds, Nicene, Apostles’, and Athanasian. Namely, that there is only one true God, and yet in this one God there are three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The key doctrine, or material principle, of the Lutheran church is the doctrine of justification. Lutherans believe that humans are saved from their sins by God's grace alone, through faith alone. If you are looking for a Lutheran church near you, please browse our church directory.

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