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1011 internet, Dolton, Illinois 60419
1011 internet Dolton Illinois 60419 US


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The Melissa J. White Church is currently a virtual assembly (open to the public) for Saints and church attendance (Nationally and Internationally). Members and attendees are provided with weekly broadcasts with Major Prophetess and Seer, Elder Melissa White. The Prophetess also host State to State prophetic tours, book tours and speaking engagements, conferences, prayer lines and events. Visit me right here every Sunday for morning worship and sermons. The vision and mission of this ministry is to preach and teach all Nations and to edify the body of Christ and to bring all to the unity of Faith in Christ Jesus and Holiness and purity for all. The additional roles and duties of Apostle, Elder and Prophetess Melissa White is to lead lives and souls into eternal life through Christ Jesus, and oversee the lives of the Church. The Elder leads, teach, inspires and trains the Church in living a Holy lifestyle along with spreading the good news of the Gospel and maintaining the spiritual health and lives of the Church. Her teachings edify and lead others to the unity of the Faith in Christ and charges souls to live a life devoted to God, havinone body, and one Spirit, One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.of all.


Authoress MelissaWhite and Doctor of Divinity is a seasoned vessel of the Lord who proclaims the Gospel boldly with authority. She carries the very presence and power of God and is a Warrior. She is the Author of over 150 books published to date and counting. Her books are full of life changing revelation, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, deliverance, restoration, faith, prayer, power, elevation and prophetic art work… She is powerful and profound and is the artist of over 2000 pieces of art which she features in her Museum, books and exhibits. From 2008-2012 she has also written, hosted, edited and produced over 150 television programs to date and aired some of her programs on cable network station TLN (Chi, Ind, Wi), KTLN (San Francisco), skyangel network (national satellite) and streaming live on TLN.COM. Continue to watch and receive while she speaks, warns, corrects, instructs, revelates, writes, train, elevates, watch, brings order, heal, pray, seek God’s face…Her books are also full of life changing revelation, deliverance, healing, restoration, faith, prayer, power, elevation and much more. “A pure river of water of life, clear as crystal flows through me, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. I’m doing the works of him that sent me while it is yet day and writing what I seest in a book and also previewing my prophetic art collection. Support my work today, pick up one of my books and request a copy of the book you want to be placed in your library (free). “

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February 25, 2015 5:56 am
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Apostle Melissa J. White
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, Dolton, Illinois 60419 0 mi
14226 GRANT STREET, Dolton, Illinois 60419 0.2 mi
14130 SOUTH INDIANA AVENUE, Riverdale, Illinois 60827 0.52 mi
Apostle Theodore and Prophetess Arthurine Wilkinson–PASTORS Sunday Service 10:30 A.M. Thurs...
245 EAST 138TH STREET, Dolton, Illinois 60419 0.57 mi
310 E. 137th Street, RIVERDALE, Illinois 60827 0.61 mi
68 EAST 138TH STREET, Riverdale, Illinois 60627 0.7 mi
14242 SOUTH WABASH AVENUE, Riverdale, Illinois 60627 0.73 mi
13800 SOUTH WABASH AVENUE, Riverdale, Illinois 60627 0.8 mi
653 EAST 134TH STREET, Riverdale, Illinois 60627 0.82 mi
735 EAST 134TH STREET, Riverdale, Illinois 60627 0.83 mi
14540 LINCOLN AVENUE, Dolton, Illinois 60419 0.84 mi
8 WEST 138TH STREET, Riverdale, Illinois 60627 0.86 mi
13560 SOUTH INDIANA AVENUE, Riverdale, Illinois 60827 0.87 mi
820 CALIFORNIA AVENUE, Dolton, Illinois 60419 0.88 mi
13402 SOUTH CORLISS AVENUE, Riverdale, Illinois 60627 0.89 mi
14620 LINCOLN AVENUE, Dolton, Illinois 60419 0.98 mi
14130 SOUTH WENTWORTH AVENUE, Riverdale, Illinois 60627 1.02 mi
14500 SOUTH CLARK STREET, Riverdale, Illinois 60827 1.02 mi
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