Bible Tabernacle Christian Center

Denomination: Bible

361 South Pine Street, York, Pennsylvania 17403
361 South Pine Street York Pennsylvania 17403 US

The Vision of The Bible Tabernacle Christian Center

Build a Church in the York community where the name of the Lord Jesus Christ would be lifted up and where sinners could come and be saved. Regardless of the way they looked or dress, regardless of their past, where they came from or what their lives may have been, no matter how much money they had or did not have. Whosoever will could come and fell the presence of the Lord, cry out to God and be saved.

The Lord said,” build a Church where these men and women that hare hanging out on street orners, strung out on drugs and/ or alcohol and cought in otheres areas of sine could come and be leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ”. The Lord said as the master said to his servants in Luke 14:23″ And the Lord said unto the servants, go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled”.

An so our vision and mission is to do what the Lord says, to reach out to this community and to the uttermost parts of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

240 EAST PRINCESS STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.17 mi
356 WEST PRINCESS STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17404 0.19 mi
503 VANDER AVENUE, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.31 mi
46 EAST PRINCESS STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17401 0.32 mi
There is no problem to great for God to solve.CERTIFIED MARRIAGE and FAMILY THERAPIST with the Am...
309 SOUTH GEORGE STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.36 mi
309 S. George Street, YORK, Pennsylvania 17403 0.36 mi
340 EAST MARKET STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.39 mi
225 EAST MARKET STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.41 mi
225 E. Market Street, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.41 mi
36 SOUTH DUKE STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17401 0.41 mi
100 LAFAYETTE STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.44 mi
513 CLEVELAND AVENUE, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.44 mi
617 E Princess St, YORK, Pennsylvania 17403 0.45 mi
37 NORTH BROAD STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.48 mi
29 SOUTH GEORGE STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17401 0.49 mi
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29 SOUTH GEORGE STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17401 0.49 mi
231 SOUTH BEAVER STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.49 mi
665 EAST PRINCESS STREET, York, Pennsylvania 17403 0.5 mi
301 W Philadelphia St, YORK, Pennsylvania 17404 0.5 mi
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Bible Tabernacle Christian Center is located at 361 South Pine Street in the city of York. York is located in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. According to our database, there are approximately 201 churches in York, with 7 Catholic churches, 12 Baptist churches, 0 Pentecostal churches, 20 Methodist churches, and 162 other denomination churches. If you are looking for a new church or just visiting York, please browse through our church directory to find a church that meets your needs.

Bible Churches are independent and nondenominational, whose purpose is to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ and build lives on the firm foundation of the Word of God. Bible Churches exist to help people grow spiritually, have a strong understanding of the Bible, and to encourage them towards fruitful Christian service. The ministry from the pulpit consists primarily of the exposition of Scripture, with life-centered application for families and individuals of all ages. In a Bible Church, you will often see that people are more important than the church programs and the nurturing of lives is more important than the numbers in attendance. Success is measured in terms of the spiritual growth and maturity of the people, rather than the size of the offering. It is a place where one can step aside from the world to be refreshed by the Word in the company of a loving church family. If you are interested in more Bible churches, please browse our site to find a church.