Christ the King Presbyterian Church

Houston | Texas | 77081 | Presbyterian

5601 West Loop South, Houston, Texas 77081
5601 West Loop South Houston Texas 77081 US
5414 TRIWAY LANE, Houston, Texas 77041 0.4 mi
6103 BEEKMAN ROAD, Houston, Texas 77021 0.41 mi
6110 MILART STREET, Houston, Texas 77021 0.53 mi
6310 WESTON STREET, Houston, Texas 77021 0.71 mi
6310 WESTON STREET, Houston, Texas 77021 0.71 mi
7427 MARTIN LUTHER KING, Houston, Texas 77033 0.87 mi
5830 VAN FLEET STREET, Houston, Texas 77033 0.88 mi
6728 PARIS STREET, Houston, Texas 77021 0.89 mi
5530 VAN FLEET STREET, Houston, Texas 77033 0.9 mi
4611 BRANCH STREET, Houston, Texas 77021 0.92 mi
4551 COSBY STREET, Houston, Texas 77021 0.94 mi

Greater Bright Morning Star FGBC is a young and thriving Church under
the leadership of our Senior Pastor Dwayne Williams and Co Pastor
Chauntel Williams.
The Vision of the church is “Advancing the Kingdom of God by Giving
Hope to the Hopeless” Isaiah 35:3-5
We stand on the foundation of God’s Word while changing a generation by
giving Hope in order for restoration to take place
I Encourage you to Come and See what God is doing new in the H!!!!!!
Oh Yea, Welcome to the good life!!!!!

6100 RIDGEMONT STREET, Houston, Texas 77087 0.97 mi
5959 LONG DRIVE, Houston, Texas 77087 1.01 mi
7336 CALHOUN ROAD, Houston, Texas 77033 1.04 mi
6424 CULLEN BOULEVARD, Houston, Texas 77021 1.05 mi
4802 Van Fleet, Houston, Texas 77033 1.12 mi

Cynthia Arceneaux

5702 CALHOUN ROAD, Houston, Texas 77021 1.23 mi
4215 HULL STREET, Houston, Texas 77021 1.24 mi
6328 ENGLAND STREET, Houston, Texas 77021 1.29 mi
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Christ the King Presbyterian Church is located at 5601 West Loop South in the city of Houston. Houston is located in the beautiful state of Texas. According to our database, there are approximately 1,569 churches in Houston, with 93 Catholic churches, 507 Baptist churches, 29 Pentecostal churches, 97 Methodist churches, and 843 other denomination churches. If you are looking for a new church or just visiting Houston, please browse through our church directory to find a church that meets your needs.

Presbyterian churches are a Protestant denomination, which developed from Calvinist Church doctrines practiced in Switzerland and France. John Knox was the official founder of Presbyterianism in 1557. One of the main distinctions of a Presbyterian church is that the church is governed by a group of elders. Presbyterians are the largest and most theologically liberal of all American Protestant denominations. With issues such as birth control and abortion, they believe that is up to the individual to decide for themselves. Feel free to browse our directory to find a Christian church near you.