New Vision Baptist Church

Oxnard | California | 93031 | Baptist

P.O. Box 7441, Oxnard, California 93031
P.O. Box 7441 Oxnard California 93031 US
PO BOX 326, Fillmore, California 93016 0 mi
P.O. BOX 5939, Oxnard, California 93031 0 mi

\”Si sientes que los anhelos, sueños e ilusiones de tu vida se han terminado ¡No te desanimes! Dios te ofrece una nueva oportunidad \””UN NUEVO EMPEZAR\”” Ven con nosotros y empecemos juntos una nueva vida en Cristo\””

\””Toda carrera empieza con un primer paso\””

Nuestra Visión:

Alcanzar a una sociedad que cada día se desintegra porque las familias han perdido sus valores y principios morales. Ser una iglesia en donde las personas puedan encontrar un ambiente de paz y armonía. Un lugar en donde puedan crecer tanto en su vida personal, como en su vida espiritual y moral.

Nuestra Misión:

Lo lograremos enseñándoles el amor de Dios al darnos a su hijo Jesús, por medio del poder y la unción del Espíritu Santo, y por vivir La Palabra de Dios. Ganar – Equipar y Enviar.”

P.O. BOX 1335, Thousand Oaks, California 91358 0 mi

The Armenian Apostolic Church of Ventura County conducts services the 2nd and 4th Sundays

of every month beginning at 12:15p. Our services are held at St. Patrick\’s Episcopal Church at

One Church Road, Thousand Oaks, CA. We offer a nursery, Sunday School and youth group.

Reverend Father Haroutioun Tachejian is our Parish Priest.

PO BOX 299, Ventura, California 93002 0 mi
P.O. BOX 4548, Ventura, California 93007 0 mi

Church ”
A Foursquare Church

P.O. BOX 3622, Ventura, California 93006 0 mi

Why do we call ourselves
The River Community?

I believe that churches ought to flow like a river and not sit motionless
like a lake. People that step into a lake generally exit from the same
place they entered. But when a person enters a river they will always
exit from a different place; which means that they have experienced
movement by the current. Our goal is to move people further along their
spiritual journey than when they first entered The River.

PO BOX 3695, Ventura, California 93006 0 mi
P.O. Box 2727, Camarillo, California 93011 0 mi

This is a world wide Ministry reaching out to churches and people around the world with a stratedgy to reach the Nations in a very fast and effective way . Email us Please to place S.A.N.D Intl. Ministries in your church .

P.O. Box 682, CAMARILLO, California 93011 0 mi
P.O. Box 715, MOORPARK, California 93020 0 mi
Post Office Box 1091, OXNARD, California 93032 0 mi
P.O. Box 3875, Thousand Oaks, California 91359 0 mi
P.O. Box 130, Camarillo, California 93011 0 mi
P.O. Box 1195, Camarillo, California 93011 0 mi
P.O. Box 5650, Oxnard, California 93031 0 mi
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New Vision Baptist Church is located at P.O. Box 7441 in the city of Oxnard. Oxnard is located in the beautiful state of California. According to our database, there are approximately 85 churches in Oxnard, with 5 Catholic churches, 13 Baptist churches, 2 Pentecostal churches, 3 Methodist churches, and 62 other denomination churches. If you are looking for a new church or just visiting Oxnard, please browse through our church directory to find a church that meets your needs.

The Baptist denomination is the largest free church denomination in the world with over forty-three members around the world. However, nearly thirty-three million Baptists live in America. The origins of Baptist churches can be traced back to John Smyth and the Separatist Movement in 1608 that began in England. Something that makes the Baptist church's beliefs unique is that they believe in the baptism of adult believers instead of infant baptism. Baptist denominations follow a congregational church governance in which each individual congregation is governed autonomously. Thanks for using - the ultimate church finder!